Reflective Parenting

Respond rather than react to your children


Dear Parents, 

Hello and welcome to my parenting page!  My posts will coach you on how to parent in ways that will bring out the best in you and your children.  

Parenting is the hardest and the most important job you will ever undertake.  It is my belief that parents do the best they can.  However, every parent brings beliefs and expectations (the shoulds, the family rules) from his/her family-of-origin.  Many of these beliefs and expectations are implicit until you start raising your child.  And then the differences in parenting between you and your partner become apparent.  And you’ll find that some of your children’s reactions trigger reactions that will surprise and amaze you in both positive and negative ways.  For more information, please sign up for my parenting report on my website,  I try to post a newsletter every two weeks.      

My approach to parenting is called mindfulness.  Simply put, mindfulness is focused attention that helps you be reflective about who you are and what you do and say so you can respond to yourself and your children positively, calmly and compassionately.  Positive growth for all and a thriving family are the rewards!

I welcome your comments on my posts…



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