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Moms ‘n Daughters: Bond Making DIY Beauty Products

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One special memory I have of my mom while growing up is that she stored her Charles of the Ritz beauty products in the fridge!  She only used them on special occasions.  We children were admonished not to touch them!  I don’t know if Charles of the Ritz products even exist today, but my life-long love affair with make-up began with mysterious Charles!

Later on in her life, my mom started making some of her own facial products, particularly cleansers.  One afternoon when I was feeling particularly tired, I accepted her offer to give me a facial.  I can remember her bringing her ingredients over to my apartment, mixing them up and then carefully slathering her “secret” mixture on my face.  I asked her what was it in, and I remember she was reluctant to tell me too much.  My mom liked secrets!  I can remember yoghurt and lemon juice.  I’m sure there were some other ingredients, as well.  What I remember most was how good whatever concoction she mixed up felt on my face.  Even though this happened years ago, I still remember how cooling and refreshing my face felt during and after the facial.  My face felt fresher and looked cleaner and rosier.  That was my one and only facial.  I wish we’d done that more often.

For whatever reason, I have become more and more intrigued with making my own beauty products.  I have long had a sensitivity to chemicals in beauty, cleaning and food products.  (My father, an educator, had to write a note to my Grade 9 Home Economics teacher indicating that I had an allergy to the dish detergent used in class and could I be excused from dishwashing duties?  It was embarrassing for both of us.)

Summer is a time when most moms take some vacation time, and making beauty products with your daughter(s) can be a wonderful bonding experience.  It is a time to talk, not only about the beauty products, but about body image, fashion, style, boys, dating….  It is an opportunity for both moms and daughters to share their perspectives and beliefs on a variety of issues.  It’s a time to get to know each other in a deeper and fulfilling way.  It’s a time to laugh, to tell stories, to share memories, to bond.

I invite you, mothers, and, even, dads, to get together and have fun making your own beauty products.  They are inexpensive; many of the ingredients you already have in your kitchen!  To start you off, I have listed some of my favorite beauty DIY products…creams, shampoo, bath bombs, bath salts and  a face mask.  Have fun and let me know how you make out!

(For bathbombs, you can use moulds.  Check IKEA or thrift stores.  As well, pick up glass containers on the cheap at thrift stores, yard sales, neighbours.  As well, all of these posts have lots of comments.  I found much good information in the comments.)

A special thank you to Herbs and Oils World ( which was a lead for these DIY beauty products.




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