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Tips on How to Have a Loving and Inexpensive Family Valentine’s Day

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ImageHello All,

Valentine’s Day is here again!  Usually the first thing that comes to mind for many is buying chocolates and flowers for your partner and candy as well as gifts for the kids.  I’m not indicating that is bad, but I’m wondering if we can make Valentine’s Day more than a “bought” experience?  Here are some tips that will make Valentine’s Day more meaningful for you, your partner and your spouse.

  • Begin with breakfast.  Slice in some strawberries or raspberries with your breakfast cereal.  Try drinking cranberry juice (it’s pretty and it’s healthy!).  Sing a song together.  It can be as wacky as singing Happy Valentine’s Day to the tune of Happy Birthday!
  • Send your kids and spouse a love note (in a valentine shape, of course) reminding them how much you love them.  Include one or two things that you especially love about them.
  • Cut lunch food into heart shapes.  Try to include as many “red” food items as you can…carrots, tomatoes…
  • Encourage your children to wear something pink or red…it might just be a red scarf, red earrings or red mittens or a red t-shirt.
  • Encourage each other to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a smile to all they meet throughout the day.
  • Encourage each other to do random acts of kindness throughout the day.
  • Ask your family members what they can do to help someone who may be struggling getting through Valentine’s Day.  It’s not the happiest day for some.
  • Parents, write a letter to your children letting them know specific things you love and appreciate about them.  And, children, do the same for your parents.
  • Make a concerted effort to meet together for dinner.  Discuss the loving and kind things you did at work, school and home.  Show your appreciation for each other by telling each member of the family at least ONE thing you love about them.
  • Use e-mail, skype, etc. to contact friends and families with words of appreciation and love.
  • Have fun and prepare a “red” dinner meal.  Spaghetti, red cabbage, tomatoes, apples, are foods that come to mind.
  • Bake simple cookies together (no bake chocolate cookies are a favorite in our family).
  • Read Valentine’s stories or stories about the power of love.
  • Mom and Dad, tell your story of how you met and fell in love.
  • Make home-made cards or pictures for each other and take pictures to remind you of  this special day.

LOVE is a NOUN and a VERB.  How are you going to show your love to family members, colleagues, friends, neighbours, teachers on Valentine’s Day and throughout the coming year?  Acts of love and kindness are always remembered…

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  May love bond you together more this year than ever.  As the song says, “Love will keep us together.”   Let your love show in word and deed.




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